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The vibe mic

The Vibe Mic is a capsule designed to record vibrations and overtones coming through material that instruments are in contact with, as opposed to the sound coming through the air.

The initial idea came from a project that featured the Didgeridoo, and Ricky theorised that there could be sonic possibilities if the wooden floorboards that the didg was resting on and vibrating as it was played could be added to the sound as an extension of the instrument. 

So Ricky designed a capsule that a microphone could be inserted into that was soundproof on all sides except for an opening at the bottom so that the only sound that the microphone was picking up was coming from the vibrations coming through the floorboards. 

Ricky discovered that depending on the size of the diaphragm and frequency response of the microphone used inside The Vibe Mic, different harmonic overtones could be mixed with the traditionally recorded sound which resulted in warmer, richer and more detailed sound, and that using multiple Vibe Mics was the perfect way to create a stereo image around the core sound. 

As well as the enhancing the sound of the Didgeridoo, The Vibe Mic has also been used with Grand Pianos with great results. 

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